Another break, I hope this will lead to my improve health.


Due to my ill health, I have two weeks home leave.  I got the train out of Riga training camp direct to Jaunpiebalga.  I can go anywhere I want but I am going home.  I know I will have to help dad out around the farm but I am still very excited, and besides, I will be warm and dry at night.

Mother is a little sad as she cannot give me as much food as she would like but I have told her, home food is a lot better than I field rations.

My aunt’s furniture, that is my mother’s sister, arrived from Riga by train.  I went with father to pick it up on our small cart.  No one has said why my aunt has sent her furniture to mother but I do not like to ask just in case she is dead.  Amongst the pieces is a daybed, a kind of sofa that collapses flat for sleeping.  My entire family are very excited as no one in the region have anything like it.  Just like us, our neighbours sleep on their cabin floor.  One by one, whenever it is safe to leave home, the villagers come to look at the daybed; mother is very proud of it.

I don’t remember my aunt, I do not recall her ever coming to stay with us and so I cannot say that I would mourn for her if she were dead.  I do not even remember her name or if mother has any other brothers or sisters.  So many people go missing, no one speaks of the departed.