The Russians are coming to Riga, killing everyone along the way.  All military personnel are being evacuated although there is a shortage of transport.  Once again, I am lucky because I have made it onto the last ship out.  There is such chaos all around I feel sure some people have been left behind.  From the Baltic Basin, our ship heads along the coast toward Poland.

Latvian’s traditionally preserve food in salt for the winter.  Due to the war, there is a shortage of everything but the Germans surprised us all during the autumn of 1943 by providing barrels of rock salt free of charge.  Although the salt was not particularly good quality, it was the kind I had used to scatter amongst the hay when a harvest had not been particularly good but still, the people were very impressed.  I guess the animals will not get any salt to lick until after the war, which is sad because to them it is as appealing as sugar.

Any scrap of food that could be salted, got preserved ready for the winter and stored away by Latvians everywhere.  However, as the evacuation began, German soldiers went from one home to the next, taking away any and all such foods.  The people are no longer impressed with the German pretence at generosity.


I have travelled around Poland by train.  For some time our train travelled from Danzig, heading south, up and down the line, going round and round and then back again.  I do not think anyone really knew what to do with us, where to send us, but so long as I head away from the front line (Gdansk), I will be happy.