We departed from Bad Nenndorf

We are on the move once again.  I have been reassigned.  Maybe this will be my last move.  I hope so; I hope this is to be the end of it all.  There have been a few mumbling’s from some of the other men, they say the war is no longer going well for Germany but the captain has not said anything.  I would dearly like to think I will not have to spend another winter out of doors.

I do not fancy getting too close to the Red Army again either.  So many men have tales of German and Latvian soldiers returning to units minus a tongue, the stories have to be true.  They say the Russians do it so their captives cannot give away Red Army positions.  In addition, Russian commanders are said to make their soldiers hold both ends of a damaged cable in their mouth to complete a broken circuit, making Red Army soldiers stupid but brutal.